Jannine Oberg, Stellar Strategist

Inspiring and Enlightening Consultations

Birth Chart Interpretation
Life Path

Careers by Design Consultation:
Astrological Consultation plus Career Coaching explores soul direction, personality drive, career aptitude, creative expression and passion. Unique career direction and destiny revealed through powerful personality archetypes.
Hidden blocks discovered and released with EFT to achieve your Life Path!

Discover Opportunities for your Future
Star Caster® - Astrological Oracle:
Cast the 'astrological runes' to discover which planetary energies are affecting you now. The Star Caster® delivers profound answers quickly to immediatey put you back on your path with confidence! Jannine is the inventor and publisher of the Star Caster®. Private Consultations directly answer current questions. 15 - 60 minute readings.
Star Caster® Party and Event Entertainment: 5-10-15 minute readings.

Cosmic Challenge of Change
Current Trends and Cycles Consultation:
Do you find yourself asking - "What is going on and when is it going to STOP already!! What does the cosmos have in store for you right now? Why has your life seemingly moved into crisis?
Discover your current cosmic cycle and opportunity periods. Work with and through the changes for a positive outcome!

Discover your Child's Heavenly Gifts and Encourage them to become their very Best!
Star Kids Profile Consultation
Star Kids Personality Profile and Star Kids Parent-Child Compatibility consultations. Parenting by Personality through astrological archetypes. Love your child in the way they can receive, communicate to your child in the way they can hear & respond, create a safe space for your child to develop self-esteem, motivate your child through their natural style, empower your child to become masterful.
Get better results when: Communicating, Motivating, Nurturing, and Disciplining. Individualized Parenting Strategies help you Parent by Personality!

Spiritual Astrology Consultations
Do you meditate, do Law of Attraction work, repeat affirmations, then hop in your car, get into traffic and arrive home to face the dirty laundry, the stack of dishes, the litter box, your lover's towel on the bathroom floor again, the kids demanding attention...then find that your beautiful Spiritual Centering results disappear in just minutes?
Learn to take that centering
into all of life's situations. Discover the tools to live your spiritual practice every day.
Your Western Astrological chart reveals specific ways to stay Spiritually attuned while grounded in the here and now of daily life.
1) Enhance your relationships at home and at work
2) Stay on track with your personal goals
3) Connect with your Inner Guru for easier meditation
4) Open your heart chakra
5) Remove blocks to manifesting your affirmations
6) Create a 'conscious present
7) Reduce stress for a healthier body and a stronger yoga or Qigong practice
8) Discover your 'Destiny Path' for this life time


Tap away your Hidden Blocks, Limiting Beliefs and Unconscious Self-Sabotaging to Claim your Success
for Emotional Well-Being
Restore balance and reclaim emotional well-being with this breakthrough restorative technique based on EFT. In just minutes learn this self-healing method combining astrological archetypes with the principles of both Western Psychology and Eastern Acupressure to quickly remove long held limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Once released you really can joyfully achieve your Life Purpose and reach Stellar Heights!
(Emotional Freedom Technique®: See inventor Gary Craig website)

Want to feel positive and align with your Inner Coach? Release negative self-talk from your Inner Critic.
Want to feel self-empowered? Release unconsciously held limitations.
Do you desire nurturing, loving relationships? Release emotional blocks to receiving and giving love.
Wish to find purpose and earn income according to the true value of your authentic self? Release self-sabotaging.
Want your positive Affirmations to work? Discover and release the hidden blocks with EFT.

Parents enhance your Child's Self-Esteem with EFT® for Kids!
Give your children the tools to deal with the emotions associated with bullying, teasing, loss, and performance pressures. EFT is fun for kids to use and the tapping points are easy to learn.


Empower your Current Relationship or Create a New Relationship to fulfill your Heart's Desire Make it Passionate! Relationship Consultations and Coaching:
Astrological Consultations reveal your unique love and intimacy secrets. Stellar Relationship Coaching balances insights from personality archetypes with co-active coaching exercises and Imago concepts.
EFT Tapping clears the blocks to loving your partner.
"To fall in love is easy, staying in love is a skill…"- from video '
Conflict to Connection'. Fulfill your Relationship Vision! (Heart by DragonArtz)
Learn new methods, skills and strategies for Staying in Love. Frustrations become requests - requests become growth and change - resulting in the creation of a Conscious Loving Relationship. Release and heal relationship wounds with EFT Meridian Tapping.
Click here for The Heart Chakra Coaching Program.


Five Sessions to become a Star!
1) What I Feel - Emotional Intelligence with EFT
2) What I Tell myself - Positive Inner Self-Talk
3) What I Do - New actions, new responses
4) What I Say - How I say it, What I hear - Asking for what I need
5) My Talents, My Passions, My Skills - Building my Esteem Generator
Emotional intelligence and self-esteem help your child to shine every day.
Click here for Star Kids Coaching Program.


Explore your Unique Expression of the Divine Feminine
© Sharon George Click the image below to visit Sharon's site.
Goddess Readings at your Event
From Maidenhood to Motherhood to Wise Woman, Goddess Astrology honors a Woman's personal power. How were the heavens lit up by the Goddess when you were born? Was the Love Goddess, Venus in a fiesty fire sign or deeply compassionate water sign? Was the Marriage Goddess, Juno in a practical, loyal earth sign or in a fiercely independent fire or air sign? At birth the Great Goddess bestowed her gifts upon you, so that you might embrace, behold, and manifest her through your unique expression of the Divine Feminine energy within.
Goddess Parties
Discover the Goddess Within:
Enhance your love relationships with Aphrodite.
Enrich your career potential with Athena.
Discover the strengths of your body with Artemis.
Release your nurturing abilities with Demeter.
Utilize your power as a woman with Hera.
Unlock your intuitive side with Persephone.
Please visit these sites for more Goddess Information.

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess
Natalie "Fox" Maisel's Downloadable Goddess Rituals
The Goddess Studio - Center of the Sacred Feminine
For more information about my entertainment please go to StellarEntertainer.com

Jannine Oberg, M.S., Counseling Astrologer
Jannine has been enlightening, inspiring and educating clients and audiences here and abroad about reaching stellar heights in their lives since 1987. She currently practices in the Community of Leucadia in North County San Diego.

Jannine combines her professional training in human resources management (Master's Degree) and Career Counseling Certification (UCSD) with her unique knowledge of astrological personality archetypes. Her innovative Stellar Consultations provide clients with a memorable experience and a portfolio filled with individualized tools to achieve personal and professional success. Jannine truly turns heavenly inspiration into real world empowerment.

Contact Jannine:
(760) 580-2538 or
Schedule an appointment at Bergamot Spa:
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